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Audio Streamer

This app has primarily been designed to play streaming audio, aimed at those who listen to on line radio. The ultimate goal for this project would be an app with which you can store you favourite on line radio stations and switch between them like the standard FM radio apps that come with most smart phones. I own a HTC Desire HD but it has no FM radio unlike my last few phones.

Supported formats:
This app uses the built in MediaPlayer class within the Android OS so these formats should all be sorted straight out of the box. 

Its a pretty basic app, stores up to six stations (could be more, I'm just being lazy with the UI). The longest playack  I have had yet is was four hours whilst cleaning the house then my battery hit the wifi threshold and turned my wifi off, but I'm happy with that test :)



Releases are notes are below:

Here is the latest compiled Android app

Here is the latest java source package

Next Version 1.4 - Expected updates;

- Clean up code further
- Only tested with mp3 streaming audio, test other supported type
- Add button to wipe SQL database

Version 1.3 - 03-2011 - Updates since last version;

- Cleaned up code
- Added some error handling code
- Moved stream into background service
- Added auto-reconnect feature
- Fixed screen orientation
- Fixed interface refresh issues
- Fixed DB cursor closure mistakes

Version 1.2 - 02-2011 - Updates since last version;

- Added SQLite DB for storing stations
- Added UI for managing stations 

Version 1.1 - 01-2011 - Updates since last version;

- Added listening duration counter (in its own thread away from the UI thread)
- Moved MediaPlayer to its own thread away from the UI thread

Version 1 - 01-2011 - Source is MIA?!

Basic application for listening to an internet audio stream on your Android mobile

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