Date created: Wednesday, May 15, 2013 9:39:28 PM. Last modified: Sunday, December 3, 2023 4:48:50 PM

Autonegotiation & MDIX

100BASE-TX: Autonegotiation is optional, duplex and speed can be forced or auto. Auto MDIX is required when using a strait through cable between two MDI ports or two MDIX ports. With a cross over it is optional

1000BASE-T: Autonegotiation is mandatory required, auto speed and duplex required when using autonegotiation. Autonegotiation is requird for choosing master/slave timings between two connected interfaces. It is also required to connect a GigE port to a 100Base-TX for example, for backward compatability. From the Wikipedia page: "Autonegotiation is a requirement for using 1000BASE-T according to Section 28D.5 Extensions required for Clause40 (1000BASE-T). At least the clock source has to be negotiated, as one endpoint must be master and the other endpoint must be slave."

1000BASE-X: Autonegotiation is optional, duplex can be foreced or auto to match (auto is recommended). Speed maybe auto or fixed but can only bee 1000Mbps.

10GBASE-T: Autonegotiation is optional.

10GBASE-X: Autonegotiation is mandatory disabled. Speed is normally detected by the speed of the PHY (inserting a 10G SFP for example).

100GBASE-LR4: Autonegotiation is not supported.