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'dig' - Notes


sudo yum install bind-utils
sudo apt-get install dnsutil


Query for a specific record type or types:

dig A
dig AAAA
dig MX
dig NS
dig TXT
dig A AAAA MX NS TXT # Multiple types works on Linux but not on Mac


Query for all record types:

dig all


Suppress all output with +noall and then enable only the query response output with +answer, dig defaults to A record type queries:

dig +noall +answer
dig +noall +answer MX


Only print the record value each record returned:

dig +short AAAA
dig +short -x


Trace the DNS query from the DNS root servers down:

dig -x +trace


Perform a reverse DNS lookup:

dig -x +short


Query against a specific DNS server:

dig @


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