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Empty Recycling Bin

This is a script I wrote to run at logoff because I am crazy about having an empty recycling ben when using Windows;


' Script to delelete items in the recycling bin, 
' originally written and published by Courtney Jimenez on 05/02/05
' Mashed up by James Bensley on 16/04/2010

Option Explicit							'Play safe kids, don't get caught out.

'Declare all variables, FileSystejm Object, Shell Application Object, Recycling Bin Object,  
Dim g_objFSO, objShellApp, objRecycleBin, objFolderItems, objItem

'Setup main variables and objects
Set g_objFSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")	'Create a File System Object for deleting items
Set objShellApp = CreateObject("Shell.Application")		'Create a Shell Application for getting special folders
Set objRecycleBin = objShellApp.NameSpace(10)			' Grab special folder No.10, the recycling bin (not always 10)
Set objFolderItems = objRecycleBin.Items()			'Get items within Recycle Bin

'Loop round each item in the recycling bin and delete it with our FileSystem object
For Each objItem In objFolderItems
	If (objItem.Type = "File Folder") Then			'Check for file type
		g_objFSO.DeleteFolder(objItem.Path)		'Delete Folders
		g_objFSO.DeleteFile(objItem.Path)		'Delete Files
	End If
	WScript.Echo "Deleted " & objItem.Name


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