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FIA Packet Diag

RP/0/RP0/CPU0:r4.lab#show controllers fia diagshell 1 "diag" location 0/0/CPU0  
Mon Dec 21 09:14:23.275 GMT

Node ID: 0/0/CPU0
Usage (DIAG):
DIAGnostics commands
DIAG [OPTION] <parameters> ...OPTION can be:

pp display packet processing diagnostics (use DIAG pp ? for further details)
field display field diagnostics (use DIAG field ? for further details)
rates display rates diagnostics (use DIAG rates ? for further details)
oam display oam diagnostics (use DIAG oam ? for further details)
alloc display allocation management diagnostics (use DIAG alloc for further details)
template display template manager diagnostics (use DIAG template for further details)
last_packet display information on the last packet
HeaderDiff display global compensation statistics
lag display LAGs information (use DIAG lag ? for further details)
nif display all links status information
counters display all counters values
nz - filter zero counters
packet_flow - show packet_flow
graphical - show a graphical representation
core_disp(cdsp) - show counters per core
interval=x - show the counters rate in an interval of x
<blockName> - show counters in block <blockName> only (more then one blockName is supported)
ing_congestion display ingress congestion statistics
egr_congestion display egress congestion statistics
egr_calendars display egress calendars info
current - print only current statistics
max - print only max statistics
continuous - do not to disable updates to maximum values during their collection; will provide non correlated max values, but less time during which max values are not gathered
all - print current and current statistics - default
nz - don't print zero statistics
global - print only global related statistics
port=id - print only port id related statistics
queue=id - port queue related statistics
interface=id - interface queue related statistics
ingress [NetworkHeaderSize=<value>] - display packet length difference on ingerss path
egress [NetworkHeaderSize=<value>] - display packet length difference on egerss path
reassembly_context diaplay reassembly & port termination context
resource_alloc display VSQs resource allocation
type=<src/dst> - source/destination based
cosq display cosq statistics
voq - display all global information
congestion=<1/0> - display all congested VOQs
id=<id> - print queue <id> related statistics only
most=<num_of_queues> - print <num_of_queues> most congested VOQs
detailed=<1/0> - print given VOQ's attributes
print_flow_and_up - print packet flow info, parametrs:
is_voq_conn - 1 for voq_connector, 0 for system_port. dest_id - flow_id in case is_voq_conn is 1, system_port_id otherwise.
print_status - 1 for printing actual credit rate.
non_empty_queues - print non empty queues
local_to_sys - translate local port to system port
print_mapping - print mapping mode
by_sys=<1/0> - print all mapping by sysports order
by_mod=<1/0> - print all mapping by modports order
by_voq=<1/0> - print all mapping by VOQs order
qpair - display qpair related diagnostics
egq - display egq diagnostics
e2e - display e2e diagnostics
ps=<id> - display a graphical representation of the port scheduler in E2E associated with local port <id>
egq_port_shaper - enable egress shaping
autocredit - Configure the Scheduler AutoCredit
fc - enable flow control
scheduler_alloc_manager - print allocated scheduling elements and voq connectors. parameters:
1. allocated_resource - can be either connector, cl, fq, hr, connector_composite, cl_composite, fq_composite or hr_composite. example allocated_resource==cl etc...
2. flow_id - requested flow id (flow_id=<flow_id>) - can be called together with flow_count(=<flow_count>). Prints the quad associated with the requested flow_id
credit_watchdog - possibly set and print the credit watchdog global configuration, parametrs:
enable=<0/1>, first_queue=<queue number>, last_queue=<queue_number>
port_db display software database information
DBAL display database abstraction layer diagnostics (use diag dbal for further details)
retransmit display retransmit information
prge_info display egress programmable editor information
prge_last display last program that was chosen by the egress programmable editor
core - Core ID (0/1)
prge_mgmt display egress editor management system diagnostics
graph=<program> - print dependency tree for the program
deploy=<program> - print deploy decision for the program
fabric display fabric related diagnostic
gci - display gci and gci-backoff related diagnostic
dump_signals [core=<core_id>] - display signals
add "parse [file_path]" to the command in order to create a dump file of the packet signals, parsed to match the verilog format. Default file name:"diag_parsed_signals.txt" in current directory. if you want to dump to the shell, put "stdout" as file_path
fc flow control
module - NONE(default),NBI,CFC,EGQ,SCH,ALL
interface - NONE(default),XAUI,RXAUI,SPI,ILKN_INband,ILKN_OUTband,ALL
type - NONE(default),LLFC,PFC,NIF,ALL
RP/0/RP0/CPU0:r4.lab#show controllers fia diagshell 1 "diag last" location 0/0/CPU0 
Mon Dec 21 09:21:37.880 GMT

Node ID: 0/0/CPU0

Core 0:
Last packet information: is_valid=1 tm_port=9
pp_port=9 src_syst_port=49169 port_header_type=eth packet_size=110
Packet start, offset in bytes:
00: 008a9657 791278ba f96f24de 88470fcb b0fe7fff c13f4500 0058dd05 40003f06
20: 22190a0c 90340a0c 983540e5 eb76c325 6454c972 60895018 0b42fa24 00000000
40: 00300016 3611ed5d c82c0200 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
60: 00000000 00000200 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
Core 1:
Last packet information: is_valid=1 tm_port=17
pp_port=17 src_syst_port=49152 port_header_type=eth packet_size=110
Packet start, offset in bytes:
00: 008a9657 790578ba f9754183 88470fcc 20fe7fff 713f4500 00581f5d 40003f06
20: dfbd0a0c 98360a0c 903740e5 eb4493b7 a5c73751 41255018 168373aa 00000000
40: 00300016 36116e71 62010200 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
60: 00000000 00000200 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000

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