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'irssi' & 'screen' - Notes


/away <message>

/highligh <nick>

/join <#channel> - join #channel

/leave <message>

/list - list channels

/msg <nick> <message> - private window starting with <message>

/q - leave private chat window

/query <nick> - private window without message

/server <host>  - connect to server <host>

/wc - close current window

/win <window number>


Auto Joins:

/server add -auto -network Freenode 6667

/network add -nick <your-nick> Freenode

/channel add -auto #ubuntu Freenode

Verify in ~/.irssi/config


In ~/.screenrc:

startup_message off

# Scrollback history
defscrollback 1000000

termcapinfo xterm* 'is=\E[r\E[m\E[2J\E[H\E[?7h\E[?1;4;6l'

# Enable scrolling using mouse wheel (alternate text buffer)
termcapinfo xterm* ti@:te@

Enter copy mode: CTRL+A [

Exit copy mode: Esc

Scroll half page up: CTRL+u

Scroll full page up: CTRL+b

Scroll half page down: CTRL+d

Scroll full page down: CTRL+f

Or enter op mode with CTRL+a then Esc, then use UP and Down arrows, Esc to exit again

New window: CTRL+a c

Next window: CTRL+a n

Previous window: CTRL+a p

Lock screen session: CTRL+a x

Detach session: CTRL+a d


To connect to an already attached screen by disconnecting the attached user;

screen -list
There is a screen on:
    3746.pts-4.node1	(18/10/12 13:26:37)	(Attached)
1 Socket in /var/run/screen/S-node1.
screen -D -r 3746


screen with USB/serial

# Connect to a USB to serial adapter at 9600 baud:
$screen /dev/tty.usbserial-14430 9600

# To send the break key enter CTRL+a then CTRL+b

# To quit screen type CTRL+a then CTRL+\

# To send a file via xmodem, on Linux:
$ apt-get install lrzsz
# or on Mac:
$ brew install lrzsz
# Start the xmodem transfer on the receiving device, then from within screen enter CTRL+a then a colon ":", then run:
exec !! sz -kbX vdsl_C897VAB_Fw_A39x3_Bond39x6.bin
# ^ Not that you must but running screen in the same folder as the folder that needs to be sent, relative paths like ~/blah.txt don't wor


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