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Issues and Patches

Current Issues (2014):

Ganeti will re-allocate VM space, it can't grow a disk image on-the-fly (although I haven't sifted through it's insides to confirm this, I suspect this is because it is not using QCOW2 format, because it used both Xen and KVM, so to please both it simply uses raw images). I prefer to reallocate the space, but somehow because of this, I don't think you can extend a VMs hard disk?

Because Ganeti can be used with etiher Xen or KVM, it has a series of generic command line options for setting a VM instance memory, or cpu count, (and many more to be honest) and then executes the appriorite Xen or KVM equivilent command. It doesn't have all possible available comand line options though for both Xen and KVM, for example you can't assign PCI devices to a guest instance for PCI pass through because this feature is at different stages of development within both Xen and KVM. Also it's just not that high on the Ganeti dev's todo list I guess!


Single PCI device per KVM instance - This is a patch for Ganeti 2.6.0 I hacked together to allow a user to assign a max of 1 PCI device to an instance for PCI passthrough with KVM

Multiple PCI devices per KVM instance - Not finishe yet, I haven't been able to test this yet.

Single USB device per KVM instance - This is a patch for Ganeti 2.6.0 I wrote to allow a single USB device to be assigned to a KVM instance for USB passthrough

Single PCI device per Xen instance - This is by Jack Sitnikov, he submitted this patch for Ganeti 2.5.1 and I just changed a few lines to make the above KVM patch for 2.6.0

Multiple PCI devices per XEN instance - This is a later patcher by Jack Sitnikov, he submitted this patch again for Ganeti 2.5.1 but this version allows multiple PCI devices to be assigned to a guest instance

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