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Netra T1 105 LOM Serial Cable

I have a Netra T1 105 which has two serial interfaces, A and B. The difference being that the serial A socket provides access to the Lights Out Management system and the console whilst B is just for console access.

(Click for larger picture, 1.3MB)

These two serial interfaces present them selves as the above two RJ45 sockets. Apart from the lack of a DB9/RS232 socket on my comparitively modern desktop and having to borrow an old laptop from else where with such a port, I also had to make up an RJ45 to male DB9 cable. Sun Help provided me with the pin-outs which I interpreted as:

RJ45	DB9	TIA/EIA-568-B Colours
1	8	white-organe
2	6	orange
3	2	white-green
4	5	blue
5	5	white-blue
6	3	green
7	4	white-brown
8	7	brown


DB9	RJ45	TIA/EIA-568-B Colours
2	3	white-green
3	6	green
4	7	white-brown
5	4 and 5	blue, white-blue
6	2	orange
7	8	brown
8	1	white-organe

Which gave me:

(Click for larger picture, 1.4MB)

With the borrowed laptop I used the following settings in HyperTerminal:

Rate: 9600 baud
Parity: No
Stop bits: 1
Data bits: 8

Netra T1 105 Docs;

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