Queuing, Scheduling, Congestion Avoidance



FIFO (First-In, First-Out)
RR/WRR (Round Robin, Weighted Round Robin)
WFQ/CB-WFQ (Weighted Fair Queueing, Class-Based Weighted Fair Queueing)
DRR/WDRR (Deficit Round Robin, Weighted Deficit Round Robin)
PQ/SP/LLQ + RR/WRR/WFQ/DRR/WDRR (Priority Queueing/Strict Priority/Low Latency Queueing + any of the earlier mechanisms)
P-WFQ (Priority-Weighted Fair Queueing) – a set of priority queues, with WFQ or a variant used between subsets of queues at the same priority.
Hierarchical Scheduling: where there are multiple levels of schedulers, apportioning the link bandwidth at successive levels of the hierarchy.


Congestion Avoidance: