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Intel Ethernet Controller I217-V NIC;

Western Digital RED 3TB Firmware:

Intel HD Integrated Graphics;



Configuring S.M.A.R.T tests;

Configuring TRIM;

How to install a WD Advanced Format Drive on a non-Windows Operating System;

Linux MDADM reference;

Another Linux MDADM reference;

And another Linux MDADM reference;

RAID stripe cache size info;

NCQ performance decrease with Linux RAID5;

Information on Linux I/O schedulers;

Information on device read-ahead settings;

Information on Bitmaps;



VLC Media Player;


Testing and sample video & audio

Big Buck Bunny (1080p and 4k at varying FPS, surrour and stero sound);

Sintel Movie (1080p, 2K & UHD 3840 wide);

Tears of Steel movie (1080p, 4k);

HDD/SDD performance testing with dd;


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