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Secret Agent Laser Challenge - Part 1

Instantly jealous upon first sight of The Big Bang Theory's Secret Agent Laser Obstacle Chess:

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The rules are simple. Get through the laser course without setting off the buzzer. If you break it, drink a shot and go back to the start. You can't stop until you make it all the way through without breaking the beam. Physical challengers && booze == Awesome()

All I had to hand for a buzzer though was the banana part of a phone. Step 1, build a quick laser setup;

Project Code:

 * Secret Agent Laser Thingy - Stage 1 - Initial Concept
 * Send threats to:
 * (suggestions and improvements prefered though!)
 * ...I still don't know what I'm doing...

int photoPin = 0; // Analog 0
int speakerPin = 8; // Digital 8
int intLastLightLevel = 0;
int intThisLightLevel = 0;
int intLightThreshold = 150; // Adjust to your own photocell

void setup() {

void loop(){
 intLastLightLevel = intThisLightLevel;
 intThisLightLevel = analogRead(photoPin);
 if (intThisLightLevel<intLightThreshold) {
   if (intLastLightLevel<intLightThreshold) {
     Serial.println("WHOOOP! WHOOOP! DRINK, THEIF!");
 // This works out as 2x delay for buzzer to trigger
 // so in this case, 100ms

Initial Test Video mp4

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