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UK Grid Covers

Pictures of grid covers that belong to various communications companies, taken around the UK. Some ducts contain fibre, some copper. Some are used exclusively for telecoms infrastructure and some for national and industrial infrastructure. Please send corrections to jwbensley [at] gmail (dot) com. Click on pictures for a larger version.

BT / British Telecom:


Cable and Wireless / C&W. Cable and Wireless were acquired by Vodafone:



CATV / Cable Television. Most belong(-ed) to NTL (National Transcommunications Ltd) or Telewest. NTL purchased Cable and Wireless' cable operations in 1999. NTL and Telewest merged in 2005 to become NTL Incorporated. NTL later bought Virgin Mobile and NTL Incorporated was later rebranded as Virgin Media:



Originally Fibrecity Holdings was owned by i3 Group who also owned H2O Networks (see below). After i3 sunk H2O and FibreCity were eventually folded into CityFibre Holdings:


Energis (originally Telecom Electric). Telecome Electric was a demerger from the UKs National Grid formed in 1991, "Its national optical fibre network was partially deployed via the overhead power transmission network of the grid". Telecome Electric later became Energis which was later acquired by Cable and Wireless, before C&W was acquired by Vodafone:


Gas ?:


The BUUK Infrastructure Group owns GTC who are responsible for the construction and delivery of the fibre networks. BUUK also owns IFNL (Independent Fibre Network Limited) which runs the fibre network after GTC have delivered it:


General Post Office / Post Office Telecommunications (which later became BT). The PO did at one point run a CATV service around inner London:




Gigaclear is a Fibre-to-the-Home/Premises provider which also owns Rutland Telecom. Gigaclear compete with BT in rural areas:


H2o Networks (which later became City Fibre):


L3 / Level 3. Global Crossing were purchased by Level3, later Time Warner Communications were also purchased by Level3. Level3 has since been purchased by CenturyLink:


International CableTel was established in 1993, in 1996 CableTel purchased National Transcommunications Limited. NTL / ntl: were a cable TV provider. NTL later merged with Telewest (formerly Telewest Broadband and Telewest Communications, a triple play cable provider) and became NTL:Telewest. NTL:Telewest was later merged with Virgin Media (after buying ISP in 2004). Virgin Media was later bought by Liberty Global:



NYNEX UK division which provided cable TV. UK assets of NYNEX were merged with the Cable & Wireless subsidiary Mercury Communications, and renamed as Cable & Wireless Communications. Cable & Wireless's cable assets were sold to NTL in 1999-2000:


Oxford University Telecoms Network. Within the city of Oxford the university runs it's own telecoms network:


Racal Electronics plc / RACAL. RACAL sold its telecoms business to Global Crossing. British Rail Telecommunications was bought by Racal Electronics and became Racal-BRT. RACAL-BRT merged with Racal Network Services (RNS) to become Racal Telecom:


Redstone Telecom. Redstone previously purchased Symphony Telecom:




TANet, owned by Fibernet:


Vodafone, originally formed as Racal-Vodafone (Holdings) Ltd eventually spun out of Racal Telecoms to become Vodafone. Vodafone has since purchased Cable and Wireless and Kabel Deutschland: