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VPLS Flat Manual Triangle

Note before: If using "address-family l2vpn vpls" between IOS and IOS-XR or IOS and Junos, on the IOS side "neighbor x.x.x.x prefix-length-size 2" must be configured because IOS-XR and Junos interpret the NLRI prefix length field as 2 bytes but IOS by default encodes the NLRI length in the fist byte in bits format in the BGP Update message.

The 1941 test CPE has three interfaces each in a seperate VRF connected to each point of the VPLS triangle using a shared /24 so that pinging between interfaces is via the VPLS service.



LAB-3800#show l2vpn vfi name TEST-VPLS
Legend: RT=Route-target, S=Split-horizon, Y=Yes, N=No

VFI name: TEST-VPLS, state: up, type: multipoint, signaling: LDP
  VPN ID: 100
  Bridge-Domain 100 attachment circuits:
  Pseudo-port interface: pseudowire100001
  Interface          Peer Address     VC ID        S
  pseudowire100003         100          Y
  pseudowire100002         100          Y

LAB-3800#show l2vpn service vfi name TEST-VPLS detail
Legend: St=State    XC St=State in the L2VPN Service      Prio=Priority
        UP=Up       DN=Down            AD=Admin Down      IA=Inactive
        SB=Standby  HS=Hot Standby     RV=Recovering      NH=No Hardware
        m=manually selected

  Interface          Group       Encapsulation                   Prio  St  XC St
  ---------          -----       -------------                   ----  --  -----
VPLS name: TEST-VPLS, State: UP
  pw100001                       TEST-VPLS(VFI)                       0     UP  UP
  pw100003           core_pw              0     UP  UP
                                 Local VC label 21
                                 Remote VC label 19

  pw100002           core_pw              0     UP  UP
                                 Local VC label 22
                                 Remote VC label 21

LAB-3800#show mpls l2transport vc 100

Local intf     Local circuit              Dest address    VC ID      Status
-------------  -------------------------- --------------- ---------- ----------
VFI TEST-VPLS       vfi                      100        UP
VFI TEST-VPLS       vfi                      100        UP

LAB-3800#show mac-address-table bridge-domain 100 | e CPU
          Mac Address Table

BD      Mac Address       Type        Ports
----    -----------       --------    -----
 100    442b.0375.46a0    DYNAMIC, 100
 100    442b.0375.46a1    DYNAMIC, 100
 100    442b.0375.46a3    DYNAMIC     Gi0/24